Who is Plucky?

Plucky Duck is a hyper-active and egocentric young duck. He's lovable due to his innate wackiness and his tragic and comic flaws. Plucky is driven by blind ambition. He has big dreams of wealth, fame and power. But he's so desperate to get them that he always falls victim to his own wild schemes.

Plucky has the uncensored mind of a child; he's all selfishness and irrational imagination. Plucky always thinks he knows best or thinks he is the best. He always has an angle, always has a scheme to dodge work or responsibility. He rarely studies and finishes his homework five minutes before the bell, if at all. He is easily frustrated and quick to give up. He can be paranoid, thinking everybody's out to get him. He's insanely jealous, both of Buster's coolness and of Monty's bank account.

Plucky thinks he's just as smart as Buster, or even smarter, but while Buster wins out in every situation, Plucky inevitably screws up. But Plucky never gives up because he is devoid of any objective self-knowledge. He's a smorgasbord of emotions, all of them beyond his control. He is jealous, excitable, miserable, vengeful... all in a kaleidoscopic way, without a beat between conflicting emotions.

Plucky envisions himself as a crusader for what's good; that is, what's good for Plucky Duck. He wants to be a star and would do anything to take over Buster's hosting chores. He often stars in movie and television parodies when he's not acting as the "Toxic Revenger" or cajoling his pal Hamton into some lame-brained scheme. Plucky imagines himself to be brilliantly adept at everything, yet he constantly overestimates his own abilities and falls flat on his bill.

Whenever Plucky is attacked or in an explosion, his beak is rearranged on his head. A strong sneeze can also send his beak flying. Feathers fly when he's furious. And when his temper explodes, he breaks into wild 'quacking fits'. Plucky is a fast talker, but the only character he can con is the most gullible character in Acme Acres, Hamton. Buster is wise to Plucky, but will sometimes play along just to turn the tables. Invariably, Plucky ends up as the victim of his own con.



PLUCKY: (singing to the tune of "I'll Be Watching You")

Every move I make, every breath I take, I'll be watching ME! (a big wet kiss: SMACK!)

You adorable duck, you! (relaxed)

Ah, nothing like a nice relaxin' dip in the 'ol duck pond. Hey, what the-? (disgusted)

YUCK!    PTOOEY!    ICHHHH!    YUCK! (steamed)

Alright, what wiseguy polluted my pond? Well, whomsoever is responibubble will have to answer to ME!! (overly heroic)

The one and only TOXIC REVENGER! Champion of the environment, nature lover and... (delighted)

All around swell guy!

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Updated 10/26/96